Andy Get Fired


Huhuhuhu…Andy get fired (The Apprentice). Gak terima, gak terima,..Bunda ampe kepikiran terus. Hebatnya, kenaikan BBM yang ampe 85% pun tak mampu mengalihkan perhatian bunda terhadap Andy get fired.
Juara Debat Se Amerika. Cum Laude dari Harvard. Termuda di antara seluruh candidat calon pegawai Trumph.
Gantengnya ? uh jangan ditanya. Bunda sukaaaa. Hehehe.jiga abege.

Andy, 23, was born and raised in South Florida where he recognized early on what it would take to succeed in business. At the age of 13, Andy co-founded a concert package company that focused on both corporate and individual clients.
As the youngest of four boys, Andy learned to use his speaking skills to defend himself at an early age. In 1999, he utilized those verbal skills to win the U.S. National Debate Championship in Commentary Speaking.
Andy is a recent graduate of Harvard University, where he was a founding member of an organization dedicated to fighting infectious diseases in developing countries. A competitive tennis player, Andy is looking forward to continued success both in and out of the Boardroom.

Huhuhu..bye..bye Andy.

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