Artinya hehehe…


This one is especially for dahlia, hahaha… hon.. I’m happy for you,.. apa seh ga penting banget..udah jelas fakta2 ada,..masih terua aja investigasi…
Fit,.. dooh cepetan dong cariin eikeh kerjaan baru,.. g udah banyak kerjaan gini, ditambah kerjaan translate ama ibu itu hohoho… tape deh

Like a bird,
it can sing melodiously
Like a priest,
it can speak wisely
Like dew on the thirsty leaves,
it can console broken hearts
Like sunshine in the morning,
it can cheer somebody up

Like the angry fire,
it can burn a heart
Like a liar,
it can make untrue promises
Like a knife,
it can cut
even kill cruelly

be caferul with your tongue
Eventhough you really hit the ceiling,
try to remain cool as a cucumber
For your tongue can create WAR and PEACE


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