The “L” Stamp


Recently I felt like this stamp is in my forehead. This L stamp. And this Stamp really really upset me.
First, my stupid boss don’t talk to me anymore. He keep asking my ABL (anak buah yang laen) for asking me doing things. Yeah, he don’t want to talk to me in person, so he need messenger for it. I don’t blame him for doing it, because he probably scared of me, since I keep answering his question with temper. I am such a bitch.
I mean, who isn’t got temper if he keep asking the same question for every single month. An office is not a school. I cant be the grown up person. I cant be teacher.
Boss, I think you need to learn to be Boss. At least not at this “School”.

Another time I felt the L word is when I know everybody got the “chance” while I’m not. I cant understand why nobody offer me such opportunity. Surely maybe I cannot write as good as everybody. Surely I cannot go online as much as everybody. My condition wont let me.  But i am very sorry If one have opportunity but didn’t use it. Such a shame.
Probably this is because I have been rejected one opportunity. And I still keep thinking “what if” until now. But now opportunity has past me. probably I didn’t get much any. But surely I am still waiting for it.

Another L stamp is when I keep arguing with my husband. same thing all the time, .. and no solution at all.. still working on how to fix the problem. Still wish.

Last L stamp is this feeling of missing them. And keep regret why i cannot be with them all he time. Always rushing time to meet them. But never get the chance to doing much with them. Always  always in busy time.  So little time, so much to do, I’d rather spend my days with you…..So little time so much to do , I like to spend my time with you. If my time is not enough, maybe we should give in time… im not looking for tomorrow… for tomorrow… never come.. !!


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  1. L apaan, din ? bhs indo apa enggres ? hehhee kalo L = looser kah ? hahaha

    kalo indo L=lelah ?

    eh sumpah aku baru nyadar ini elo wkekekekk aduuuh udah pikun beneran gue

  2. Salam kenal, mbak..

    Yang sabar ya, mbak.. Kata orang bijak kalo udah waktunya, kesempatan akan datang ke kita, dan gak ada yang bisa ngalangin.. Dbutan kalo sekarang belum datang, mungkin itu memang gak baik buat kita..

  3. kaleeemmm…kaleeemmm….minggu depan kita pulang pagi lagi yaaaa… udah kena omelan abis2an gara2 ngeluyur sampe jam 3 pagi…cuma sabodolaaaahhh….gw seneng ini…..kaleeeeemmmm…..

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  6. Baca postingan kali ini mesti sampe 3 x bolak-balik nih bu, sampe ileran *lemot mode on. Untungnya nggak ngerti juga ?@#!

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