Maryamah Karpov


I just finish Andrea Hirata last tetra logy, Maryamah Karpov
Well, congratulation to Andrea, I know what most reader said about this book, is not true. I’ve prove it. Okei, the genre is not about biographical anymore, because of many hyperbolic thing in it, but this is literature ,and everything could happen in it, and literature can be fake as well as real depend on how we interpret it.

I still like your story, and still amaze how can a son can describe his love to his father this great. And how come a man can be in love with someone so deeply and doing many crazy thing to find her again such as being backpacker around Europe and building ship, just only to see her again, just because of a glimpse of her finger. Remind me to do meni pedi more often hihihi.

One question, why the title is Maryamah Karpov ? Because the story is not about Maryamah Karpov, okey, Andrea did mention her name a bit, and other names and why there are many jokes about someone names in Melayu. Reminds me of old times school, when we used to call someone from his father names hehehe.

Reading Maryamah, makes me wonder why Andrea is so proud being Melayu. Melayu people is very imaginative and sometimes very good liar …no offense yah….But so as this story.

How genius is Lintang, to make accurate calculation in building a ship. And how to explode a sinking ship. I just cant take my breath while reading it!!
If there is a person as genius as Lintang, sure I’d like to know one.
I like the story about friendship and how we supposed to help each other no matter what.. co cuitt..hihihi
And I like ending of Arai and his true love.
And I like ending of Mahar, eventually found his love.
And I like ending of Lintang become entrepreneur and rich, so worth with his genius brain.
And I like it, because in the end, Ical has to choose between his greatest love of his father with his greatest love of woman.


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  1. Mbak Din, kalo pas baca buku ini gimana jibakunya? *gw gak bisa bayangin bisa baca buku banyak, sementara 2 bocah jejingkrakan disekelilingmu, mbak 🙂
    Ada versi onlen nya gak sih? Kuper nih

    di google ada tuh mbak, utk yg kite runner.. goggling ajah

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