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Lama bener nggak nulis .. ampe lupa password wp, trus ampe bingung mau ngasih judul apa .. trus ngerasa kaku aja buat ngerangkai kalimat… heheehe .. so much for being lazy. I thought the blackberry is going to make me eager to write, but the truth is just make me more facebook addicted .. hihihi

Btw, work is same always .. My boss is a Japanese salesman from Thailand, who know nothing about accounting and he is the same age as MJ, which is born in 1958, but his look is quite younger .. Probably because his done a lot exercise and eat correctly. He is mature, I have never seen him lost his temper, even when he found his driver sleeping in his car with AC turn on, he just said “tidak boleh” , imagine if that happen with my old boss, who can easily got red face when somethings not right.

My co worker, mostly married man *step up day, gada brondong dimari hihihi* and a newly wed woman. Yes, there is only 2 woman in this company … me and her…can you imagine how lonely I am? .. Apalagi saya tidak begitu bisa get along ama doi .. Segala cara udah saya coba utk mengompakkan kami berdua, tapi useless .. She is not letting me in. She just different from me. Yah mungkin woman nomor 3 nanti akan bisa jadi CS saya …*finger cross

I dont have komplen about kerjaan saya sekarang. Saya bersyukur bisa bekerja di sini ,, Kalau saya tengok kebelakang lagi ,, rasanya 7 tahun selama di perusahaan sebelumnya .. terbayar sudah…saya merasa beruntung bisa bekerja di perusahaan ini …
Akan lebih menyenangkan lagi apabila the other woman mau menjadi teman saya …


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  1. what is this? i realy-realy not ngertos with this articles

    curhat aja wem… kenapa ya saya nggak bisa get along ama the other woman itu, .. padahal there is only two woman of us here, .. which is no option but to make this office environment more comfort ,, yah ga?

  2. welkommen, mbak Din…
    btw, temenan amah aku ajah, mari sinih 😉

    mbak evyy …. dirimu memang selalu bisa membuatku merasa lebih baikk … hehehe *lebay

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