She’s out of my life .. for good .. Alhamdulillah ..


Remember I told you guys about woman nomor 2 ? hehehe .. she just resigning from this place…today is her last day, She brought donuts for all of us … hehe .. must be colorful raining here later .. hihihi.. considering how stingy and very calculated person she is .. I’m so happy with her decision ..I think this is the best decision ever she made … hahaha … Beside, she really doesnt fit in here .. Wish her luck in another place, tough

But ..I think the donuts was just in trade for dinner paid by company last night and she even invited her husband to eat with us ?!?!?! .. hihihi.. but man no 1 said that this is the best company could do, to pay back for what she already did here .. anyway, which one it is ? I recall she just did nothing .. hmm .. screw her.. I didn’t touch the bloody donuts .. didn’t come to reach my appetite either.

She said she want to take care of her husband , yea, you do that girl, I think he will seek another when he found out what an awful person you really are .. wakakaka ..

Ahh, just new years bubling ..


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  1. So …
    You gonna be the one and only woman dong deh …

    and as you said …
    “gak ada brondong dimarih …”
    masih berlaku kah ?

    Salam saya Ibu …

  2. Bun,
    Aku belum baca cerita ttg doi, tp keknya model yg “kita pengennya dia go to hell” ya? Hhhaaha..
    Di kantorku juga ada…. aku nanti mo buat postingannya.

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